Friday, June 16, 2006

Game 6 preview

Game 6 is tomorrow.
Bad news for the Canes: Laviolette said today that Doug Weight won't play Game 6 with a supposed shoulder injury.
Good news for the Canes: Aaron Ward looks like he'll be in the lineup. He skated in the practice and said:

"I’m all in one piece. Everything works as it’s supposed to. Everything’s fine."

Weight's hole will create a lineup problem, but it's nothing that can't be solved, considering the Canes have several centers that have been playing the wing. I predict that Laviolette will dress seven defensemen, putting in Tverdovsky as a reassurance on the defensive end, and that, sadly, Joe Vasicek, will probably be in the lineup. Joe has done nothing, but for some reason, he keeps getting Chad Larose's spot in the lineup. I want Larose in the lineup, because my mood is sour on Vasicek. As I told my dad today: "Vasicek is not cool! I don't want Vasicek in the lineup! He's like a huge vortex of uncoolness on the ice!"

That quote is gold, people.

Anyways... Canes need to play a stellar game, cause you know Edmonton will be bringing the heat to force a Game 7. So that means NO MISTAKES! (That mainly is directed at the Stillman/Staal duo. But, if Stillman is as pissed at himself as I think he is, I expect several points from him to justify his spot on the team.) Canes also need to stay out of the penalty box (please, please no McGeough!), and actually shoot the puck on their power play. Defense needs to be awesome, as does Cam Ward.

Heck, they just need to win the game!

Watch the game. Hope for a Canes win, so it doesn't go to a Game 7. *shudders* I don't want a Game 7. I DON"T WANT A GAME 7!!!!


Cory said...

i have lost all respect for the hurricanes. They just lost, 4-0, tisk tisk.....

Ashley said...

Respect? What would you know about respect, Cory... I mean, thanks for stating the obvious... Darn! Just can't get away from the sarcasm.
Game 6 means nothing. Game 7 is the one for all the figurative marbles.