Monday, January 29, 2007

Wandering minds are dangerous...

Canes play Toronto tomorrow.

The Canes site has a nice aritcle on Chad LaRose's 100th game - which will be tomorrow nitght's game.

Speaking of milestones, I was thinking of sending Erik Cole some type of card celebrating his 100th goal. Yeah, I know, kinda girly, right? But, y'know what? I don't care. Everyone has to have a little bit of fan-girl in them.
Anyways... this somehow sent me on the prowl for a font that looked like the letters on Led Zeppelin's 3rd album, cause I thought it would look all cool and stuff - only to find out that there's a font mimicing Led Zeppelin's second album, but not the third. Such a travesty.

Yeah... I don't think there's really a point to that. I just thought I'd share such useless information with you.

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