Saturday, January 20, 2007

Canes play Tampa

Canes play Tampa Bay tonight. This is the last game before the All-Star Break. (Speaking of which, does anyone know why the All-Star Game is on a Wednesday? If the NHL had waited until next Saturday (or even Sunday), there would be no pro football games to compete with for ratings, and the game would have fit in NBC's weekend NHL games slot. But, noooooo, the NHL decides to put the game in the middle of the week on a cable tv channel that no one watches. That's the way to reach the American public!)

Anyways... game is important tonight, as the Southeast Division is suddenly tight. Atlanta is 5 points ahead of Carolina and 8 points ahead of Tampa Bay. Considering the 3 point gap between Carolina and Tampa Bay, and that Tampa has won the last 6 of 7, this would be a nice game for the Canes to claim a victory in.

Puck drops at 8:30 because of the Duke-NC State game at the RBC Center that starts at 3:30.

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