Sunday, January 14, 2007

Canes lost

Canes lost in a shootout 4-3 against the Atlanta Thrashers last night.

A game the Canes should have won. They were leading 3-2 in the third, but Cam let in a soft shot from near the blueline, letting the Thrashers tie it up. Game went into a shootout, and the Canes haven't won one yet this year. (In a way, it makes you miss Matt Cullen...)

Cole was given a 10:00 misconduct at the end of the game for "jawing" at the refs because the refs missed a blatant tripping call, but then they called a penalty on the Canes. (The reason I put jawing in quotations is because someone told me that Cole actually checked one of the refs as he was going off the ice. No article confirms this, but itwould explain how Cole got 10 minutes instead of just 2.)

Dennis Seidenberg got his first goal as a Hurricane. Makes the trade look good.

Staal and Williams were named to the All-Star squad.

That's about it for now. Writing about this loss got me all sad...

Erik Cole stats: 2 assists
On the season: 19 goals, 23 assists

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