Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Canes play Panthers again

Canes play the Florida Panthers tonight.

According to the Game-Day-Card thing on the Canes website, Wesley and Gleason skated with the team today, and Frank Kaberle was without the blue "no contact" jersey for the first time this season. Good news for the Canes, bad news if you might be the defenseman sitting out when the whole defensive corps get healthy again. *cough*Hutchinson*cough*
Canes also worked on shootouts in practice. (Thank goodness!)

In non-Hurricanes news, I managed to see quite a bit of the Detroit-Montreal game last night. (Detroit won 2-0)
My thoughts on the game:
- While Dominik Hasek got his 74th shutout of his career, I was not impressed by his goaltending.
- Henrik Zetterberg proved to me why he deserves to be on the All-Star team. He had an assist and was just stuck out to me as a good player.
- Guillame Latendresse was the player that stuck out at me on the Canadiens side. I also learned last night that he is the only #84 in the history of the NHL.
- Will Chris Chelios ever retire? If he plays until he's 50, like the guys on the Quondam-OLN were talking about (Ha! You thought I forgot about quondam!), I don't know what I'll do. The dude is just old. Like Mesozoic Era old.

Anyways... Canes play later. I'll try to watch, but I have to study for exams. *gag*

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