Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Canes lose, play losers tonight

Canes lost 3-0 last night against the Flames.

I was only able to see the first period because of the late start.
It was pretty bad. The Canes let a goal in 28 seconds into the game, and couldn't get a real good offensive stand in the rest of the period.
I assume that's what continued throughout the rest of the game.

Credit goes to Calgary, as their team came out skating and pressuring the net, which got the Canes down way too early for my liking.

Credit goes to the Canes for getting their 4th shutout against of the season. The Canes only had three shutouts in all of last season.
Not good.

The Canes play the Oilers tonight, for which I will give you a link to my account of the last game these two teams played against each other.

Makes me smile, reading that.

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