Thursday, November 30, 2006


Canes play Montreal tonight.

The N&O has an article on how Laviolette is talking to the Canes, and generally doing damage control.
My reaction: Good. The Canes have dropped three out of four. Not necessarily a time to panic, but the Canes can't drop too many more games, or they'll be out of 8th place in the East for the playoffs. (Yeah, I know. Talking about the playoffs in November is a little too early. But, if the Canes can gain points early in the season, it won't necessarily matter if they drop some near the end.)

TSN has an article on how Cam Ward hasn't started for the past three games.
My reaction: So? Look at last year. The Canes won the Stanley Cup, and they didn't have a certainity in goal then. Gerber played most of the regular season, but Cam played in the playoffs. When one faltered a little, the other was there to pick it up.

The Pittsburgh Penguins put John LeClair on waivers today.
My reaction: Hmm... Would he be worth picking up? Probably not, but you never know.

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