Monday, November 20, 2006

I will not be back for a while...

Things look a little different around here, no?
I like the new look. I was going to save it's release until the 226th post, but I'm in the mood to just say "Screw that. I'm doing it NOW!"
This is the 213th post, by the way. It counts because 13 is half of 26.
If you don't like it you can drop a comment. Not that it'll change anything, but it'll make me feel better to know that people still read this.
If it looks like crap, I recommend viewing through Firefox 1.5 with a 800x600 screen layout with 16-bit high color (whatever that means...) on a 13" monitor from a 11 year old computer hooked up to a Windows 98.
Yes, here at The Life and Times of a Caniac, we're all about up-to-date technology.

Anyways... don't expect me to post at all until Sunday. I am reluctantly going to Pennsylvania to visit the family. *gag*
I'd rather be in school.
Which is a serious thing around here.
Why, you ask? No friends, no TV (all they get is PBS because they're too cheap to buy basic cable and get the regular stations like ABC or FOX (which I miss horribly because if I were home, we would eat and then watch football)), no computer (they probably still have dial-up, the cheapskates), no hockey!!!!
It's a travesty.
And I have to suffer through the 7+ hour drive to get there and back.

So, don't expect anything, unless I can think of a good reason to be alone, without the relatives, with the computer, with enough time to post.

I'll be missing the Rangers, Islander, and Boston games. I suppose it could be worse.

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Anonymous said...

You do NOT have the 11 year old computer. I tossed that! You now have the 8 year old computer.