Sunday, November 19, 2006

Catching up for the weekend

I apologize for not posting over the last few days - Friday I was in Winston-Salem watching the UConn women's field hockey team lose, and the last two days I was nowhere near a computer.

Anyways... Canes won 4-1 over the C[r]apitals on Friday. I did not watch the game (the aforementioned reason), so I can't tell you exactly how it went, but John Grahame got his first win with the Canes, Rod Brind'Amour had two goals and two assists, and my main man Erik Cole had one goal and three assists.

On Saturday the Canes played the Stars in a 5-4 win. Canes played both good and bad, but let the game get closer than it should've been, as they were leading 3-1 at one point, but they let Dallas tie it up.
Staal scored a hat trick.
I can't really remember anything else about the game.

Also on Saturday, the UNC Tar Heels beat NC State 23-9 in their last home game of coach Bunting's reign. Now, if they beat Duke as well, the season will be a success! (Well, I would've liked a bowl game... but I'll take what I can get...)

Sadly, on Sunday, Brett Favre injured his arm and did not return to the game. This blogger wishes for him to get better in time for the next game on Monday against Seattle.

Erik Cole (Friday): 1 goal, 3 assists
Erik Cole (Saturday): 1 assist
On the season: 7 goals, 15 assists

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