Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back from Pennsylvania Recap

I am finally back from the land of Pennsylvania. Man, it feels good to be home.
I'm actually back later than I wanted to be - but we got sidetracked in Philly by a little thing called The Who Live In Concert!
But that is for another post.

So... the Canes went 1-2 in the stretch that I was gone, all against teams I thought they should've beaten.

Tuesday, the Canes lost to the Rangers 4-0. It sounds like a game I should be glad I missed. Although, I think I would've rather watched the beating than sit on I-95 for two hours and only moved two miles because the road went from about six lanes down to one.
Anyways... At least we weren't without hockey on the drive up. We somehow managed to pick up WFAN - a New York sports talk station on the AM band outside of Washington, and we got an update on the score.
And then we managed to faintly hear Chuck Kaiton's call of the Rangers third goal on 1250 AM as we crossed the Potomac. When I say "faintly" I mean the radio volume was at maximum, and I managed to hear it through some college basketball and crappy music.

Then the Canes lost to the Islanders 4-2 on Wednesday. I have no interesting radio stories, as I was too busy watching my cousin eat all the shrimp out of the shrimp fried rice - leaving me with fried rice. The Canes were apparently held to only one shot in the first period, so I'm kinda glad I missed that game, too.

Finally, on Friday the Canes won 5-1 against the Bruins. I have no horror stories from Pennsylvania for that game - I was eating my yearly Philadelphia cheesesteak. You can't get good cheesesteaks down South.

Yep... I'm back. Canes' next game is Tuesday against some team that I can't remember. I'll post tomorrow about the totally awesome concert I went to. (Even though it was at the Wachovia Center - the place reeked of losing hockey.)

Erik Cole stats (Friday): 1 goal
On the season: 8 goals, 15 assists

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