Sunday, November 12, 2006

Canes whoop up on the Pens 6-2

Well, the game wasn't the bloodbath between Cole & Orpik that I expected.
But, the game was awesome all the same.

Canes won 6-2. A four goal difference, just like the last victory over the Penguins (5-1).

Cole got two assists, both on the goals in the first period. He didn't necessarily go after Orpik, but I did notice that Orpik got rid of the puck real fast when Cole was on the ice. As Coach Laviolette was quoted:

"I am proud of Erik, considering the hype that went with the game, I thought he was focused and helped set up the first two goals," said coach Peter Laviolette. "The most important thing is that Erik is a class act."

And it was really nice to boo Orpik everytime he touched the puck.

So, while things between Cole and Orpik didn't erupt, Mike Commodore had a nice fight in the first, finishing it off with a hard punch to Thorburn's head.

Second period was the customary slump - Pens getting two goals and almost getting a third. I didn't really pay attention to the second period, as I was too busy doing the "Ask a Caniac" promotion. Just to let you know: I totally smoked that question. (In his youth Ray Whitney was... b) a stick boy for the Edmonton Oilers.)

Anyways... Third period was a goal-fest for the Canes. Belanger powering down the side of the ice to score, Kevyn Adams getting an empty net, and Chad LaRose scoring a short-handed goal for his first goal of the season.

So, in the end, Cole (and, y'know, all his teammates) got the best kind of revenge: a win.

Erik Cole stats: 2 assists
On the season: 6 goals, 11 assists

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