Monday, November 27, 2006

A Disjointed Concert Review

Whoever discovered Trigonometry should die a painful death.

Anyways... there's no real hockey news today. Chuck Amato was fired at NC State. It makes me feel really happy, for State to have 9 losses for the first time since 1959.
And UNC beat both them and Duke - yeah, the rest of the season was horrible, but, those are the two games that really matter.

So, on to the description of The Who concert that I promised!
My dad and I originally had heard about it stuck on I-95, when the Philadelphia rock station was saying how there were still tickets left for the concert.
We kinda thought about it, but it was only on Friday that we decided that we would go down to Philly to see the concert. We were supposed to come back on Saturday (to miss the Sunday traffic), but we felt that this might be the last time they were within driving distance, and we decided it was worth it to brave the traffic.
So, we drove to Philly, got some tickets, and went in.

The concert was in the Wachovia Center, where the Flyers and Sixers play. A pretty nice facility - had Flyers and Sixers displays around the main concourse, which were cool to look at. The actual place is huge, though. The upper level seats must be so far away from the ice surface - the ceiling was so high compared to the RBC Center.
Our seats were four rows from the floor, off to the right of the stage - not too far away, but not too close, either.
The Pretenders were the opening band. I only recognized two of the songs, although the band was full of energy and good to listen to.

Nothing like The Who, though.

Now, I'm a big Who fan. I have a lot of their songs memorized, and I like just about all of their stuff.
But seeing them live is a whole different thing.
These guys are sixty-something, and there's Pete Townshend doing windmills with the guitar and jumping in the air, Roger Daltrey swinging the mic above his head.
Completely awesome.
They played a bunch of their new stuff, but played songs like My Generation, Baba O'Reilly, Won't Get Fooled Again, Pinball Wizard.
I couldn't pick a favorite, but the song that got stuck in my head afterwards was The Seeker.
It was amazing how they sounded like they did on the original CD/record, but seeing them play the songs live just added a whole different level to the songs.
I'm just impressed that they're still rocking at that kind of intensity.

The only bummer was that they only played one encore. Me and my dad both agreed that they should've played at least another 15 minutes.

Well, that's about it, really. There's nothing more I can really say, except that The Who ROCK!!!!

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