Saturday, October 14, 2006

Canes Win!!!!

Something is seriously screwed with Blogger right now, but I'm going to try and post anyways.

Canes won 4-3 over the Thrashers, attaining their first win of the year!
The Canes had 3 goals in the first period, but allowed the Thrahers to tie it back up over the second and third periods. Then Ray Whitney managed to find the net with a second left in the game to take the lead.

The Canes looked a ton better, especially in the first. They were skating hard, and looked like the team that won the Cup. The pace stepped down a little in the second and third periods, but I'm just glad to see that they looked like they actually wanted to win this game.

Craig Adams had two goals, which is completely awesome for him. Staal had the other tally in the first, and Whitney, of course, scored the game-winner.

The bad overall news, though, is that Atlanta actually looks like they could contend this season, especially with Kari Lehtonen in goal.
Also bad, is the fact that Andrew Ladd left the game in the middle of the second. No news that I can find on his status, though.

Man, I am glad that the Canes finally won.

Canes play Pittsburgh tonight.

Erik Cole stats: 1 assist
On the season: 1 goal, 1 assist

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