Sunday, October 15, 2006

Canes win, Letowski hurt

Canes win again, 5-1 over the Penguins.

Some bad luck must be with the Mellon Area, though. Last year it was Erik Cole, this time it was Trevor Letowski.
From what the replay showed on the news (I listened to Chuck Kaiton's call on the radio during the actual game), it looked like Letowski was completely blindsided by Pittsburgh's Colby Armstrong. Possibly a late hit, but cases could on either side of that. Letowski was probably unconscious before he hit the ice.
Luckily, there is no paralysis and the injuries sustained were a concussion and a gash.
According to the News and Observer article Armstrong expressed concern for Letowski (unlike a certain teammate of his last year...)
Armstrong was still shaken after the game, asking reporters if they knew how Letowski was doing.
"It was a clean hit, but it's too bad that that happened," Armstrong said. "I feel awful about it. I was sick to my stomach after I saw that. It was a little tough."

The game sounded like the Canes were pretty much all over the Pens.
And, for the record, Eric Staal won the first Staal v. Staal battle against his brother Jordan.

Canes go to Tampa Bay tomorrow.

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