Friday, October 13, 2006

Canes play tonight

Canes play the Atlanta Thrashers tonight.
I don't like the Thrashers.
I especially don't like the fact that the Thrashers are leading the Eastern Conference. (Yes, I had to do a double take at that).

Tomorrow the Canes play the Pittsburgh Penguins.
This was supposed to be the Cole-Orpik-rematch-of-the-century-#1, but Orpik is injured and won't be playing.
There goes my incentive to watch that game.

Mike Commodore has a blog on Hopefully he'll post more than Cam Ward did - which was once every two months it seemed.

According to TSN's Ice Chips, Laviolette switched up the lines in practice.
My reaction: Can't do anything worse, can it?

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