Thursday, October 12, 2006

Alas, the win still eludes us...

Canes lost 6-3 yesterday.

The game was... well, let's put it this this way: the Canes had their good moments.
The next step is to stretch those moments into a full 60 minutes.

Many of the main players played like they were somewhere else. The main person that sticks out being Staal, who made innumerable weak passes. Brind'Amour appeared sporadically, Whitney and Cole were slightly better, but still not at the level they need to be.
Let's look at who got points last night: Belanger (2), Walker (2), Commodore (1), Hutchinson (1), Hedican (1), and Williams (1). To me, when no one on the top line, and none of the captains puts up at least a point, something is wrong.
The way I see to fix this is to give more ice time to the guys like Belanger, Walker, and Ladd, who are giving a heckuva effort, and sit the regulars. Maybe loss of ice-time will spur the boys into action.

Not to mention the power play is crap. Then again, what else is new there?

But the true sign the Canes are in trouble? A conversation I had today with a fellow Caniac:
Jake: It's pretty bad when the Canes are beat by the worst team in the league 6-3
Me: Florida's not the worst team. That belongs to the Capitals... or, actually Chicago or Columbus.
Jake: But the Canes were beat by Columbus twice in the preseason...
Me: ... oh...

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