Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Our Great 7th President: Stonewall Jackson

No real hockey news.
I did, however, find this article on ESPN. (Yes, I actually did find something worthwhile on ESPN that wasn't about baseball or football.) It tells of the idiot (Davis Jones is his real name) who ripped the Canes jerseys off the statues in downtown Raliegh because:
"I considered it not only a responsibility, but a duty to go down there and take those jerseys off."
"Do you think Andrew Jackson, sitting majestically on his horse while wearing a Hurricanes jersey was awe-inspiring and thought-provoking?" Davis Jones told the commission. "No, it was a distraction and derailed the purpose of the monument to both educate and honor."
Some people just need to get a life. It was kinda cool, and was it harming anyone? No. It's amazing that people get all worked up over a piece of clothing on a statue. The world would be so much different if people put that kind of effort into something like global warming or crime prevention or other such activity.
And, yes, I do think Andrew Jackson wearing a Canes jersey was awe-inspiring and thought provoking. It did not distract me, and I think Jackson would be proud to wear the clothes of a champion. As for education... the statue itself didn't teach me anything. But thanks to 8th grade social studies, I know that Jackson got the nickname "Stonewall Jackson" because of his performance on the Mississippi River against the British in the War of 1812.
So there! The Canes jersey on the statue not only inspired me to write this much, but also reinforced my knowledge of our 7th president, without having me to look it up on the internet! And by writing this much, I am honoring Andrew "Stonewall" Jackson! I think your argument is just voided on this blog! Boo yah!

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