Monday, July 31, 2006

Things Are Not Going Well

Yes, things are not turning out good today.
So, we (meaning my mom and I) went down to the pool today. The car had been acting up, but we figured we would have it checked on after we ran errands and stuff.
Ha! Errands! As if!
Yes, the car essentially stopped at the bottom of the hill, so we had to walk to our house.
During this walk, I recieved a blister on my toe from the $5 plastic flip-flops.
If you remember, yesterday I slammed my knee into the door. Now I must attempt to walk while not bending my left knee and not walking on the toes of my right foot.
Not to mention that we were planning on going to the beach with this car. Now, if it's something serious - there goes the beach money.
So now I'll hobble around and attempt to find a CD that is worth blasting at full volume. But I think everything that is that good is not here. (Mainly because they aren't 'mine' - I must commandeer them from the father parental)

*UPDATE* Found Led Zepplin's Zoso which includes the highly-sought-after Stairway to Heaven!
Maybe things aren't going to be that bad.

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