Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Last Day of Summer

I am not in a good mood right now. School starts tomorrow. Tomorrow! My summer will be officially over! And, I got my braces adjusted today, with the Wire Of Doom, and they added rubber bands, so my mouth is in pain right now.
All this means is that you should be glad you aren't my teacher tomorrow - well, if you are, too bad for you.

Anyways, the Canes signed someone who I never heard of - Joe Barnes. Apparently he was the 3rd round choice in '05 - two way contract, mainly league minimum dollar-wise.

I joined Yahoo's Fantasy Hockey league, which I'm probably going to crash and burn in. But I'm stuck between excepting my fate and putting Erik Cole at the top of my draft list (What would a team be without Cole?), or trying to accomplish something with this and putting Ovechkin at the top of my list. Of course, with the mood I'm in right now, I'll probably set my goal to lose.
This is a real conundrum for me. I want to get good players, right? And in my prejudiced frame of mind, Erik Cole is the best player in the universe. But in my slightly-less-prejudiced mind, I know he's awesome, but he's not exactly the stat-machine that other players are, so I shouldn't take him above someone like Ovechkin (who, much to my chagrin, I think will have an insanely good year). But then I know it'll pain me so much to see some other loser have the best player ever, I'll probably do a stupid trade to get him.
Y'know what? I just decided. *throws caution to the wind* Come hell or high water, Cole will be on my Yahoo! team. And the best way to ensure that is for me to put him at the top of my draftee list.

I can't believe I actually had to think about that.

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