Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back from the Midwest

It's good to be home after my five-day jaunt to the Midwest. It was nice, but I just like home better - because it's, y'know, home.
Anyways, the trip involved going to the great states of Illinois and Wisconsin. The two biggest differences were:
1) The accents. Now, I don't really think I have a certain accent - if anything it's a Northeast/Southern crossbreed - but when I was there (Milwaukee and Green Bay especially) it was like I was a foreigner.
2) The landscape. All it is is fields. That's it. No hills, no forests, just fields and a few barns.

I won't go into all the details because I don't feel like typing all that out right now. But here is a list of where I visited, in case you were wondering:
O'Hare airport (huge!)
Harley-Davidson plant in Wauwasoka (I think that's what it was - it's outside Milwaukee.)
Miller Park
Six Flags Great America (expensive! But cool.)
Lambeau Field (I WAS ON THE FIELD! I actually touched the grass that Lombardi stepped on!
Totally awesome - a Packer fan's dream.)
Wrigley Field
Sears Tower (tall)
... and a bunch of other stuff. I might go into detail later.

Anyways, while I was gone, Cory Stillman had surgery on his shoulder.
Where did this come from? I didn't know he needed surgery.
*Searches news outlets*
Ok, TSN doesn't really have anything to say other than Rutherford didn't know when he injured it.
NHL.com has pretty much the same thing.
ESPN (actually has something useful in hockey!) has the same thing.

I think that's it... Well, everything I'm interested in, at least.

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