Monday, August 07, 2006

Blah version 14.0

No real Canes news, other than I am wearing my Stanley Cup Champions t-shirt today.
For those who remember David Tanabe the Boston Bruins walked away after arbitration, leaving him an unrestricted free agent. This might be worrisome for people who feel that the Canes are signing all of the old gang again (Willis, Boulerice, Bayda...). But I think the 1.275 mil contract given by the arbitrator is a little too much for someone who hasn't really done alot stats-wise.

Can you believe that the NFL is in preseason games already? The season starts in September... and something tells me that Green Bay is either headed for a pretty good season (8-8, 9-7, 10-6) or another 4-12 season. *shivers* Dear Lord, we don't need another season like that...

Speaking of things starting, school for me starts on the 25th. Here is my schedule, just for reference four months from now when I'm complaining about reports and whatnot keeping me from watching the Canes.
Spanish I
Mythology (score!)
Civics & Economics
Spanish II
Chemistry I
English II
Principles of Engineering

And, of course, the thing I am looking forward to most starts in 58 days...

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Anonymous said...

When did school work EVER stop you from watching the Canes?