Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blah version 15.0

No Canes news.
No real hockey news either.
No sports news as well.
In other words, there's no news, except that gas prices might rise even higher than they are now.
But otherwise it's just blah.

I did finish one of the tasks on my summer to do list. Hooray! The updated list:

  • Finish summer reading assignment.

  • Clean up desk.

  • Finish hockey shrine

  • Clean up extra room

  • Clean up my room

  • Clean up this room

Yes, I have finished the assignment for the horrible book The Wisdom of Crowds. If what I wrote down is correct, well, how should I know? The point is it's done, and any teacher who expects a student's best work to come during the summer will be severely dissappointed, as NO ONE understands this book.

That is all.

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