Sunday, August 06, 2006

5 things about me...

Apparently I've been tagged in some kind of sadistic game where you tell the world 5 odd things about yourself just to pass the time in the offseason.
So here goes:
1) I am incredibly loud in real life. I mean, in crowds I don't need a microphone to be heard. For a brief period in 5th grade I was known as the "Megaphone" for my ability to be heard across the playground.
2) To some people I am known under the alias of "Ron Weasley". It was an elaborate 8th grade scheme to pretend that we were the characters in Harry Potter. Drove my evil science teacher insane, as we only reffered to each other as "Harry" "Ron" or "Draco". The more disturbing part is that we were all girls.
3) I write down the Canes scores, record, and Erik Cole's points for every game in my school planner. And I have to do it in red ink. And I have to write the games down at the beginning of the week in red sharpie, and the stats the day afterwards or otherwise they'll lose.
4) I love watching Teen Titans and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy on Cartoon Network. I can sit and watch those cartoons for hours straight.
5) I'm superstitous about colors. If there is a selection of colors I'll always pick red or pink and stay the farthest away from dark blue (aka Dook Blue).

So, that's me and my wierdness. Well, some of it, there's lots more. I could probably go on and on about it, but I think that would bore most of you.
I'm supposed to "tag" other people to pass on this sadistic game, but I've been looking around, and there are no other people to tag that haven't already be tagged (at least that I read and are likely to do it). Why am I always the last one in on these things?
I would re-tag people, but where's the fun in that? Seriously, if I'm going to "tag" people I want to be able to see the product of my own evilishness.
So here I am, the end of the "tag-line".
I'm now going to go away in self-pity.

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