Friday, August 04, 2006

This is the 126th post!

This is the 126th post of The Life and Times of a Caniac!
(26 is a special number on this blog, which is why the 126th post is infinitely more important than the 100th.)
Things look a little different around here, eh?
Yes, this is my template, modified by yours truely from one of the boring Blogger ones. It may not look as pretty, but I can say that I put my heart into making it work - and learned some CSS and HTML along the way. Hooray me!
Even though my template is absolutely awesome, I probably screwed up somewhere along the way and would appreciate if you commented if you find any problems. NO FLAMES! I am the master of the flamethrower around here!

(Yeah... that was a little random.)
So here's to #126!

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Chris said...

Tag, you're it.