Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Predictions revisited

Mark Recchi is going back to Pittsburgh, sources from TSN say. (Ok, this article from the Penguins site confirms it. But why isn't this crap on NHL.com? Then I wouldn't have to go searching across the internet to see if it's true.) Doesn't say what the contract is, but I didn't expect anything different.
Let's look at my predictions at the end of the season, to see if they came true.
My prediction is that Tverdovsky and Vasicek go the trade route. Tverdovsky underperformed for a 2.5 mil contract, and I just plain don't like Vasicek. Sure, he's coming back from a knee injury, but did he do anything before the knee injury? No.
Well, I was one for two here, predicting Vasicek, and a negatory on Tverdovsky (yet). Batting average: .500
Predictions: Canes wrap up Cole, Staal, and Williams real quick. I don't think either Commodore or Larose will leave the team. (Canes BETTER keep Cole - I will be very angry.)
Yep, 5-for-5 here, batting a thousand on RFA's. Overall batting average: .857
Predictions: Recchi goes back to Pittsburgh. Weight goes to either St. Louis, or stays with Carolina - whoever is the highest bidder. Wesley will go out a winner and retire. I think Carolina will try extremely hard to keep Cullen. Hutchinson, I think, stays, as does Craig Adams (I would hate to see the Adams/Adams tandem be broken up). Gerber, Kaberle, and Wallin? Hard to tell.
Recchi: yes, Weight: yes, Wesley: no, Cullen: no, Hutchinson: yes, Adams: yes. 4-for-6 with UFA's, not includings those with no predictions. Overall batting average: .769

Pretty good, I think. A .769 batting average would land me a pretty good contract in pro baseball. Probably more than A-rod's 25 mil a year.
Can you actually believe that someone would fork that amount of money to one person a year? That's one good thing about the NHL salary cap - we won't be seeing stupid, big-money contracts like that.
Although this contract to Patrick Elias is extremely stupid. Why would you give someone a long-term 7yr contract when he has Hepatitis A? Isn't hepatitis one of those diseases you don't ever get rid of?
Okay, actually I'm wrong about Hepatitis A. Once you get it, you can't get it again. (Thanks to the CDC website for that enlightening info. I also found out that I can't spell Hepatitis. *cough* Hepititis, hepititas, hepatitas *cough*)
But, it still doesn't redeem the contract.

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