Monday, July 24, 2006

It's My Birthday!

Yep, today was my birthday! It was a really awesome birthday. My friend Morgan came over to spend the night, and we stayed up late watching such classics as Happy Gilmore and Wayne's World. For those who want to stay up late on Sunday nights: don't bother, there is absolutely NOTHING on TV. We ended up watching Cops on CourtTV for two hours.
Anyways, Morgan got me this really cool framed pic of the Canes victory picture - the group one where everyone's falling all over the ice around the Cup.
Oh yeah, a word to the wise: don't ever attempt to make a cake with no-sugar, no-carb, no-flour, and 1/2lb of baker's chocolate and expect it to taste good. It doesn't work. The icing was really good, though.
So, then Morgan stayed most of the day today at my house, and then we went to Ted's Montana Grill to eat dinner and the Cheesecake Factory for dessert. Bison burger was ok, cheesecake was really good.
Anyways, the gifts from my parents were: lottery tickets, a pair of Carolina Hurricanes mugs, and one of those Mike Commodore bathrobes (Canes fans know what I'm talking about). What made the bathrobe cool is that my mom hand-sewed a 22 onto the robe. So now the robe is custom-made.
Other gifts were moola from various relatives.

Yeah, my birthday was pretty cool this year.

Found a link for the robe, for all you ignorant people out there. Here is a link to a article. Click on the Photo Gallery link at the top of the page to see more pictures of the robe.

Ok, couldn't let this go without a comment: Daniel Briere of the Sabres was awarded a $5 mil contract in arbitration. I don't think he's worth that much - but, this huge contract definitely puts the Sabres in some deep do-do when it comes to the salary cap. (as explained in this article.)
Like I said, I don't think he's worth that. That's more than Erik Cole and Rod Brind'Amour will get - and I think they are worth infinitely more than him. But then my perspective might be skewed slightly.
But only slightly.

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