Monday, July 17, 2006

Blah version 8.0

Alas, nothing is happening. Again.
Jaromir Jagr won the ESPY for best NHL player. But what does ESPN know? They certainly didn't pay any attention to the NHL at all - regular season OR post season.
Sources say the Dallas Stars are going after Eric Lindros. What's the wager on how long it'll take him to go on the 15 day DL? (Yes, I do know the 15 day DL is a baseball term. It just sounds really cool.) I mean, seriously, how many head injuries has this guy had?

And, just because I feel like it...
Your Hair Should Be Pink

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Miss # 12 said...

Hey I just wanted to point out that ESPN didn't vote for the ESPYs, the fans did. I was online on one day and found the place to vote and voted for someone in every category. And of course I voted for Cam Ward for Best NHL Player. Bummed he didn't win, but I would have to say I agreed with a majority of the winners.


Ashley said...

I did know that the fans voted, and I voted too, but I thought that the upper-level people at ESPN also had more say. Like, the fans votes were only a percentage?
Whatever... No matter what, some people in the world are just a bunch of losers for not voting for Cam.

Chris said...

I love Cam as much as the next 'Canes fan, but he wasn't the best player in the NHL last year.

Ashley said...

Y'know, there's a part of me that goes: "Yeah, chris, you're right, he wasn't, so I'm not really surprised. Especially because Cam played virtually no time in the regular season"
And then there's the selfish, die-hard part that goes: "But none of those other players led their team to the Stanley Cup! Cam Ward is the best!!!!"
And then there's the part that envelopes both of the other opinions: "ESPN is one of the worst networks for covering hockey... why are we even listening to them/a bunch of fans when they know nothing about hockey and don't care about the sport!"
So sum it up and you get: a teenager who has way too much time to self-analyze herself like this.