Saturday, June 24, 2006

Trades and Signings

The Canes resigned Rod Brind'Amour for five years - 4 mil for the first three years and 3 mil for the last two.
Good job by the Canes, wrapping up the captain for another five seasons.

Meanwhile, around the NHL, the Florida Panthers shipped Roberto Luongo, a random defenceman, and a 6th round pick to Vancouver in exchange for Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan Allen, and Alex Auld. I think the Canucks got the best of this deal, because Luongo kept the Panthers in a lot of games that they shouldn't have been in. (Although my favorite memory of him is when Craig Adams stripped the puck from him shorthanded to score the game-winning goal.)
Anyways... All I know about Bertuzzi is that he sucker-punched Steve Moore and then got put on Canada's Olympic team this past year. Yeah... apparently he's a good player and all that, but that Moore thing was just too much to handle.
So, I think the real winner was the Canucks, because they got a better player.

NHL Draft today!

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