Friday, June 23, 2006

Awards and Moronic Ducks

How did Lindy Ruff win the Jack Adams Award (Top Coach) over Peter Laviolette? How? Ok, I know, the expectations for the Sabres were about as good as the Canes expectations this year. But why didn't Laviolette get it, when his team won the Stanley Cup, and Ruff's didn't? Not to mention, Laviolette doesn't provoke other people during press conferences (Sabres-Flyers series/Sabres-Canes series). Not to mention that Laviolette was the head coach for the US Olympic team!
I guess, what matters in the end, is that Laviolette will get his name on Lord Stanley's hardware, and 'Linda' will just have to wait.

Another award given out yesterday: the Frank J. Selke Trophy (best defensive forward) was given to Rod Brind'Amour! Good for Rod!

The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim changed their name officially yesterday to the Anaheim Ducks. Stupid, stupid name. At least their jerseys look better. Although, the jerseys are now boring and bland. But at least they look better.
But, what a moronic name. MORONS!
Y'know what, I already have a pre-typed rant on the Ducks that I did in May. Here's a link to it. (It's funny, reading that post again. I was totally normal until the mention of the Mighty Ducks - then I just went completely off.)
Such complete morons. Thank goodness I don't cheer for a team called the 'Ducks'.

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