Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sports Stuff

JJ Redick ended up 11th in the NBA draft. Oh well, at least he wasn't top ten. And now I won't see him in ACC play, which makes me elated.
David Noel, a former Tar Heel who didn't leave after the National Championship (grr... Sean May, Marvin Williams), was picked 39th, which I think is pretty good for Noel.
Again, nothing exciting or huge happened in the NHL. has an article about Jeremy Roenick wanting to get back in shape.
But you know what stinks? He wants to get back in shape to be able to play in Canada. My question is, What happened to the Kings, Jeremy? They spent over 4 mil on you, and you couldn't keep yourself in shape? So now, you're going to get in shape to play in Canada for considerably less? Something doesn't make sense here.
Why does he want to play in Canada so bad, anyways? He's from Boston. I mean, I can understand a Canadian wanting to play in Canada really bad, but he's an American. He plays in his home country! What, is the US of A not good enough for you, Jeremy?
I guess I'm still stewing from what an idiot he was during the lockout. I can't even remember what he said, but it was moronic, I know that.
But that's why the internet is here, to help me remember. From CBC Sports:
"If people are going to sit and chastise professional athletes for being cocky, for being suck asses, they need to look at one thing and that's the deal that we are probably going to end up signing here in the next three weeks," Roenick told the newspaper. "They'd better understand that pro athletes are not cocky. Pro athletes care about the game.

"Everybody out there who calls us spoiled because we play 'a game,' they can all kiss my ass. They can all kiss my ass because we have tried so hard to get this game back on the ice."
I used to like the guy too, when he played for Philadelphia. Not anymore, though.

I will probably not post from Fri-Mon because I am going on vacation. Of course, this vacation stretches over the free-agent deadline, so I'm sure I'll have things to report on Tuesday. (Or Monday, depending on when I get back.)

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