Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blah (again)

The Boston Bruins fired Mike Sullivan, their coach.
JJ Redick has a herniated disk, but doesn't need surgery. (Darn!) I really hope this "injury" and the DWI drop him really far in the draft. (I hate Duke. And JJ. And Coach K. And ACC basketball refs. And Chuck Amato - but that's a different school, isn't it?)
*Update* After searching the blog world, I came across this piece of Dook-hating gold over at Tar Heel Fan.

That is all worth reporting in the sports world at the moment.

I have a dentist's appointment today. This is really going to be a *fun* one, considering this is the first appointment with my braces on. I really hate the dentist - well, not actually the dentist himself, he's kinda nice, but the dental assistants. I just love how they poke at your gums with their metal instruments, and then go "wow, you really need to brush along these gums, they bleed real easy." Well, if they didn't stab the gums, they wouldn't bleed, would they?

Happy birthday to Morgan, who is turning 15 today! YaY Morgan!

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