Monday, July 03, 2006


Well, I am now back from vacation. It was fun, but I'm so happy that I'm home in my own niche.
There were so many signings since Friday... I guess I'll go over them now.
Andrew Hutchinson was signed for two years - 450,000 the first and 500,000 the second. A good move - Hutchinson shows promise.
Craig Adams was signed for three years at 600,000. I'm glad to see this happen
Niclas Wallin was signed for four at 1.725 mil. Again, glad to see The Secret Weapon signed.
Justin Williams was signed for five years at 3.5 mil. A good, long contract to keep Williams with the team - good.
Mike Commodore was signed for two years - 1.2 mil the first and 1.3 the second. The 'fro stays! Happiness abounds!
John Grahame, previously of the Tampa Bay Lightning, was signed for two years at 1.4 mil. Grahame is a good goalie - played for the US at the Olympics, and will make a good backup behind Ward - but it is a shame to see Gerber leave.
Eric Staal was signed for three years - 4 mil in the first, 4.5 in the second, and 5 mil in the third. I expected nothing less for the superstar of the team.
Chad Larose was signed for two - 450,000 the first, 500,000 the second. This is good - I like him.

The casualties so far...
Matt Cullen to the New York Rangers for four years.
Martin Gerber to the Ottawa Senators for three years. (I honestly don't blame him - it is the beginning of Cam's era with the Canes, and Gerber is good enough to start - in the regular season.)
Doug Weight returned home to the St. Louis Blues. (no surprises)
Aaron Ward went to the New York Rangers.

Man, the Rangers have been signing people away.

There were many trades not involving the Canes. One that stuck out at me, though. Chris Pronger got traded to Anaheim.

I *think* that's all I care about. Man, that's a lot of signings.

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