Sunday, June 11, 2006


Canes lost 2-1. Canes lead the series 2-1.
The Canes did not play well that game. Again, they didn't play well in the 1st and 2nd periods, and, unlike Game 1, Ty Conklin wasn't in goal to give up the game. No, instead there was Jussi Markkanen in goal, who played a satisfactory game. I think if the Canes had cracked him early in the game, his confidence would've been lost and the game would've been different.
The Canes did pick it up in the 3rd, and the only reason the Canes were still in it by then was Cam Ward. The first goal Cam let in was tipped, and the second goal... well, I'll get to that. Rod Brind'Amour scored to tie the game up, but it was not to be.
Then came the "goal" by Ryan Smyth. Was it legal? Supposedly. Was it cheap? Definitely. Cam Ward stood no chance against it because Smyth was all over the crease! I have no idea why that goal was legal - it was under my impression that a player can't score while he is in the crease. But it was a goal, and it cost the Canes the game. Well, I shouldn't say that - their play cost them the game. But, out of all the goals for the Canes to lose by, it had to be that cheap piece of crap that they called a goal. I would love to be enlightened on this NHL rule that allowed that goal - I am totally lost on it.
Anyways, this loss wasn't Cam's fault.
Michael McGeough is the worst ref in the NHL. After this game, I am certain. Take the no-goal called by him in the second period for Edmonton. The puck was never covered by Cam, but yet, he lost sight of it (I don't see how) and ruled it not a goal. I know, I'm a Canes fan, so I'll take it. But that puck was so blatantly NOT covered, I can't help but hate McGeough.

Game 4 tomorrow. A Game 5 is guaranteed in Raleigh. I hope the Canes retain their lead, but we'll see after tomorrow. I'll tell you, though, the Canes have to play a full 60 minutes of hockey to win. None of this only-play-the-third-and-hope-for-a-comback crap.

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