Monday, June 12, 2006


I'm hoping that I can post this with no problems - Blogger's supposed to have a "scheduled outage".

Game 4 is tonight. Canes definitely need to come out skating because Edmonton will be looking to tie up the series. The Canes need to get a goal on Markannen early (at least I'm assuming Markannen will be in net). The Canes not getting one on him early in Game 3 gave him too much confidence. also says that the power play must improve.
No duh.
Canes also need to go high on Markannen. All of their shots were on the ice, and Markannen stopped them. Rod Brind'Amour shot high and he scored. Although they shouldn't go too high, like Justin Williams did on his breakaway.
Eric Staal needs to wake up from his siesta and actually do something. He definitely hasn't been playing like the superstar we all know he's become. has a pretty cool article on Ray Whitney.

USA plays the Czech Republic in the World Cup today. I know, I said I don't care, but I guess I do. Like anyone, I want my country to win, even though they probably won't. (They might not even make it to the next round! - Oh well, soccer was never really America's forte.) Anyways, after I post this I will be going to watch the game. (There's nothing else on. Seriously, have you ever tried to watch something during the day? It's little kids shows, soap operas, and home-makeover shows.)

Can anyone tell me what the point is of a ten minute orthodontist's appointment? What do they do, go "Yep, your teeth are still belted together by steel. Off you go."

Game 4 tonight. WATCH IT!!!!

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