Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kaberle is Signed

The Carolina Hurricanes resigned Frantisek Kaberle today. The contract is for 4 years at 2.2 mil a piece.
I'm glad that they resigned Kaberle, but I'm not quite sure about the 4 year contract. Four years is a long time, and if Kaberle craps out, it'll be a long four years.
But what do I know?
I know that Kaberle at 2.2 mil is worth a lot more than Tverdovsky at 2.5 mil. At least Kaberle acts as if he knows how to play defense, and he did contribute points during the regular and playoff seasons.
How old is he, anyways?
*looks up bio* Okay, he was born 11/08/73. *Does some quick math*
Whoa, he's 32 years old? That means he'll be under contract until he's 36? Doesn't that seem kind of old to offer a four-year contract?
Maybe not, I don't really know what is the norm for NHL contracts. (Ok, I don't know what the norm is for any kind of contract, let alone NHL.)

What is up with all this rain? It hasn't rained this much in summer in a long time.

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