Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ducks = Stupidity

Yep. Yet another day without a hockey game to report on. Well, actually, that's not true, in the West the Oilers play the Sharks. Oilers lead the series 3-2, if they win tonight, they'll play the Anaheim Mighty Ducks (man, that is such a stupid team name. I mean, seriously, does the name 'Ducks' strike fear into you? No. When someone says 'Ducks' I think of the ugly duckling, which is not scary. Now, when someone says 'Hurricanes' I'm a little scared considering all the damage they can do. Can Ducks have 100+ mph winds? No. I don't even think ducks can go over 10 mph. Not to mention the hockey team has the same name as a Disney movie - wait didn't Disney put out three Mighty Ducks movies? Pathetic. Y'know, I doubt there is a team name in hockey that is as unimpressive as the Mighty Ducks. I mean, c'mon, how less intimidating can you get? Okay, the Atlanta Thrashers, maybe. But thrashers can poke your eyes out. What do ducks have, a bill? Yeah, sure, that'll really be able to harm someone. Didn't I hear something about them changing their name? Lemme see... *runs Google search* Yep. Here it is: the 'Mighty Ducks of Anaheim' are changing their name to the 'Anaheim Ducks' at the end of next season. Whoa. How stupid is that? I mean, Mighty Ducks is bad enough, but Ducks? C'mon. At least 'Mighty' implied that the team name was kinda scary. But plain Ducks? Like I said, word association: ducks = ugly duckling. Not scary. Just stupid.)
Wow, that was a really long parentheses. Anyways, as I was saying, (yes, i was trying to make a point) if the Sharks win the series will go to a Game 7.

Why would you want to change your team name to something so stupid? Okay, I can understand changing your name to get rid of the memories of the Disney regime, especially if your name happens to be named something as stupid as the 'Mighty Ducks'. But to change it to the Ducks? This is why I'm never living in California. The logic just doesn't make sense. In the article I linked to above (y'know what? here's another link for ya.) said that almost 2/3 of the seaason ticket holders wanted a name change. Something tells me they would've prefered something other than the 'Ducks'. The Ducks sounds like a peewee hockey name to me. Why not call your team the 'Fuzzy Bunnies' or the 'Puppies'? All of those names strike the same amount of fear in me - none. If the Canes changed their name to something like that, I'd have to throw myself off the top of the RBC Center. Even better: I'd throw whoever thought of that name off. Honestly. Whoever came up with the 'Ducks' and thought that it was intimidating was on something illegal.
Ducks. Not formidable. Just pathetic.

Well, now that I'm done dissing something that was completely random, has a nice article on the Canes captain Rod Brind'Amour. Read it here.

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