Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another Idiot of the Day!

JJ Redick was arrested and charged with a DWI!
Imagine my happiness. I was calmly surfing the local newsstation website, looking for the news on Tropical Storm Alberto. Finished reading the article, I scroll down and see the title "J.J. Redick Arrested, Charged With DWI". I click on the link, to find that Redick, the idiot, was arrested at 1:03 am when he did an illegal U-turn to avoid a checkpoint. Idiot!
I believe this action earns him the Idiot of the Day Award! Now, with earning this prestigious award he gets to join the ranks of Ben Roethlisberger!
This news makes me so happy. I HATE JJ, with the fury that only a Tar Heel fan can bring upon a Dukie. In fact, I think I'll post several links to articles. Here's one from the USA Today. NBC5 in Chicago has an article. (Chicago? I don't get it) The Durham newspaper has an article. Hey! Look! The N&O has an article too!
I feel so happy right now. JJ is an idiot! I hope this screws up his draft choice!
Thank you Durham police! You have caused my day to be so much happier!

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