Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And so the nerves set in...

I'm trying to keep calm. Really. But it doesn't help when I think "The Stanley Cup clinching game is tonight" or "Wow, all this season you want your team to win it all - and it could actually happen tonight." Thoughts like that just don't help the attempt to keep calm.

So I'll talk about the weather.
It is raining right now, thanks to Tropical Depression Alberto. I didn't want it to rain today, because I really wanted to tailgate before the game. What fun is tailgating in the rain? So, I'm watching the radar, looking to see if the rain will clear in enough time. Right now signs are pointing to clearing up. But, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Do you think it's a good sign that a Tropical Depression is hitting central North Carolina, when the Carolina Hurricanes will be looking for the Stanley Cup?
I do.

Game 5 is tonight.
The Canes must play a good game. They can't be caught looking at what could happen - because, if they do that, it probably won't happen. The whole playoffs, they've been saying that they take it one game at a time. They need to do that tonight.
I expect Edmonton to come out desperate. Because they kinda are. Canes need to run with the pace, no stupid turnovers, no penalties, no mistakes. Because if they make a mistake, you can be sure Edmonton will try to take advantage of it.
In the same way, the Canes need to take advantage of every chance that comes at them, especially early in the game. If the Canes go ahead first, things will be looking up because they'll be at home with the loud Caniacs. When in doubt - shoot the puck. You never know what'll trickle behind the goalie.
But enough speculation.

Game 5 tonight. WATCH IT!!!!

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