Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Canes lead series 3-1!!!!

Canes won 2-1!!!! They now lead the series 3-1!!!!
One more game...
Just one more...
And the Canes will have won the whole thing...
Man, the RBC Center is going to be rocking... *gives huge, almost menacing grin*

The Canes actually played a whole game - Imagine that! They came out skating, and absorbed all 32 hits that Edmonton dished out. They took too many penalties in the first - not that they really needed to worry, because Edmonton's power play is dismal. Looks like the Canes' did in the regular season - crap.
Eric Staal snapped out of it, getting assists on all of the Canes' goals.
If the Canes play Game 5 like they did Game 4 - without the penalties, though, I think that Game 5 will be wrapped up. Of course, something tells me Edmonton will be looking to capitalize on any mistake, so the Canes will need to be on their toes.

Game 5 is Wednesday - I can't wait. *huge, almost menacing grin appears again*

As for yesterday's news - Ben Roethlisberger is in serious, but stable condition after being in surgery for 7 hours. The details are a little skimpy, but Ben had several facial fractures, one source saying a broken jaw.
What an idiot.

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