Thursday, June 15, 2006

And now the shock sets in...

Last night I was angry. Today I'm in shock. And angry.
I wanted to be celebrating. But I'm not.
Maybe I could handle it if Edmonton scored on a goal that was the product of their hard work. Maybe.
But I can't handle that Pisani's game-winner was given to him by our own players!
I can't handle it.
Canes lost 4-3 in overtime last night. And it was all Cory Stillman and Eric Staal's fault.
The Canes were on a power play. In overtime. They were on a power play in overtime, and Cory Stillman decides "Hey! I'll give a weak cross-ice pass to Staal when I could skate it up the ice on my own." Upon doing this lazy pass, Eric Staal decides "Instead of getting my teammates weak pass, I'll just continue skating up the ice! What a good idea!" When the puck reaches Staal, he can't get control of it, Pisani takes it, and the rest is an Edmonton win.
At least they both take the blame. Cory Stillman on his piece-of-crap pass to Staal:
"I made a bad pass, plain and simple. I should have went up the wall with it. It was on the power play and I tried to hit Staal and that was my fault. We were coming, it was a tie game, I knew we had a chance and I screwed it up."
Yes, you did Stillman. YOU SCREWED IT UP!
Eric Staal taking the blame for not recieving Stillman's piece-of-crap pass:
"We turned it over and they scored, that's pretty much it. He was coming at me hard and I didn't see him until the last second. I needed to make a play and I didn't. Cory can try to take the blame, but it's my fault, as well. I just didn't see [Pisani] coming."
You are both IDIOTS! *Slaps the both of them*
McGeough - you are the worst ref in the entire world! *Throws heavy object at McGeough*

The worst part about this game is that the Canes could've won it. They didn't play too bad throughout the game. If only they had shot the puck once in a while... I might be posting a large picture of the Stanley Cup right now.
But I'm not.

Now Edmonton has the momentum going into their own stadium for Game 6. I won't be surprised if the Canes lose that game and bring it back to Raleigh for Game 7. I won't be happy about that, but I wouldn't be surprised. This game has made me lose my cheery outlook on the Canes. I can really see them not suceeding. I believe they can suceed, but... the happy, optimistic feeling is gone. I realize that this is not good - but the Canes can come out of it - if they play well.
This game just makes you realize that one mistake can toss away a game. And if it's a Game 7, that can mean your whole season.
But enough about Game 7. We have a Game 6 to play on Staturday. The Canes BETTER win, or they shall face the wrath of one particular freaked-out Caniac who doesn't need a Game 7 to tax on her nerves.


Smith said...

Sorry. Tobin was not happy either. I don't know much about hockey, but even I knew it was a poor pass.

Ashley said...

Oh no! Tobin wasn't happy? That's never good.
It was a crappy pass.