Thursday, May 04, 2006

Playoffs, second round edition

Well the first round of the NHL playoffs is complete. The second round matchups are this:
In the West:
#5 San Jose Sharks v. #8 Edmonton Oilers
#6 Anaheim Mighty Ducks v. #7 Colorado Avalanche
In the East:
#1 Ottawa Senators v. #4 Buffalo Sabres
#2 Carolina Hurricanes v. #3 New Jersey Devils
An interesting note is that all the top seeds won in the East, but in the West it was the lower seeds that won.
As for my predictions... first round ones weren't that great. Well, I went 3-1 the East, but my predictions for the Canes' series were crap. But I'm still going to make predictions. Why, you ask? What else am I going to post about?
In the West, *looks into snowglobe... crystal ball* I predict that the Oilers will continue to win, and will win in 6. I also predict that the Avalanche beat the Ducks in 6.
In the East, *empties a tea bag to look at the tea leaves* I predict that the Senators will win in 6, and that...
Well, I'm not going to post predictions about Canes/Jersey. I don't want to jinx it.
Speaking of the Canes/Jersey series, this will not be an easy series to win. I'm not saying that they can't beat Jersey - it just won't be easy. New Jersey is riding a 15-game win streak, and have an awesome goalie known as Martin Brodeur. This guy can always keep Jersey in a game. I believe he led the NHL in games won this year, and he is the only goalie to have 5 40-win seasons. In other words: this guy is good. Also on Jersey's squad is the line of Patrick Elias/Scott Gomez/ Brian Gionta. This line is really good. All guys are capable scorers.
Then again, the Canes are nothing to sneeze at either. Cam Ward has been awesome in net, and everyone seems to step up when they are needed. Not to mention their power play seems to steadily be getting better.
Game 1 is on Saturday at 2:00. This game is on NBC - its good to see that the Canes didn't get snubbed by national brodcasting again. I can't wait for it!

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