Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One sentence...

Jeez! I was taking a break from studying for my Biology test tomorrow (which is on invertebrates, in case you wanted to know), and I decided to read the article on about Kevyn Adams. The article is nice, explaining the role Adams plays on the team, etc. But it made me so ANGRY!!!! Why, you ask? All because of this sentence

"And, let's not forget that Adams is one of the four alternate captains that serve under captain Rod Brind'Amour, part of the leadership group that has kept the 'Canes on the straight and narrow from Day 1 this year."

Four? FOUR? There's only three alternate captains, idjit. Adams, Wesley, and Stillman. That's three, stupid. GO BACK TO KINDERGARTEN AND LEARN HOW TO COUNT!!!! Man, it's amazing, but I was in a relative good mood until I read that one sentence. But that one little thing has just made me so angry. I mean, how long would it take for the stupid writer to go to the Canes site and find out the number of captains? Two minutes, at the most. But no, the writer doesn't care about the Canes, so why should he check his facts? Jeez, yet another slight by the media against the Canes. I'M TIRED OF IT! Get your friggin facts right!

Breathe, Ashley, Breathe.

I managed to watch some of the Oilers/Anaheim game last night. I will say, those refs were a lot better than the slime that's been at the Buffalo games. Even though on one of the high stick calls, the Anaheim dude hit himself in the head with his own stick... Well, at least they were calling penalties. The Oilers now have a 3-0 lead in the series. Anaheim would have to pull out a miracle for them to advance.

Canes play tonight at Buffalo. The Cane-Vic arrived safely. Man, I wish I didn't have school, because I would so be there! And if I had a couple hundred to spend on tickets/gas. And if I had a license. Or, if I had a couple hundred to spend on airplane tickets/tickets. Yeah, if wishes were fishes... we'd eat salmon until we puke! Haha.
Watch the game. 7:30 on OLN. Which is horrible because I think their announcers are bland, boring, and add nothing to the game. Seriously, if I'd watch the game on mute, I'd get the same amount of information.

Now back to Biology...

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