Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Canes win, Series Tied

Canes won last night 4-3. Really, the score implies more of a close game than it actually was. Examples? 16 shots on goal for the Canes in the second, only 4 for Buffalo. The Canes completely dominated the 2nd, which is primarily why they won. Not to mention Ryan Miller didn't seem too sharp in the 3rd when he let an easy shot from Justin Willams go in.
Cam Ward played yet another good game, but the save of the game was made by Glen Wesley who had to essentially dive over Cam to stop the puck from trickling over the goal line. Awesome play.
What was good is that you couldn't hear the Buffalo fans whatsoever. They would try to set up their cheer, and then be drowned out by the Caniacs. The decibel level at the RBC Center reached 133 decibels. Which is awesome. This is a new record for the NHL (the old was something like 127). Considering that hearing loss sets in at 120 dB this means that I'll go deaf before 26, but that's okay. I don't need to know what people are saying to me anyway.
What was bad was the refs. They were not calling anything either way, and let the game get away from them.
Anyways, a Game 5 in Raleigh is guaranteed, and off they go to Buffalo.

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