Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cole, Commodore - it's all good

It's about time I kept you, the loyal reader, up-to-date with the NHL. The Oilers did win, so the Western Conference final, so the matchup for the Clarence S. Campbell bowl (winner of the Western Conference) is the Edmonton Oilers v. Anaheim Mighty Ducks (don't get me started on that name). The matchup for the Prince of Wales trophy (winner of the Eastern Conference) is the Carolina Hurricanes v. Buffalo Sabres.
My predictions last time were 1-for-3. Sounds like crap, but in baseball, that would be a half-decent batting average. (.333) I predicted the Oilers series exactly, I will add. This time, I'll pick the Ducks (what a stupid name!) over the Oilers, mainly because of the goalie Ilya Bryzgalov who has a .087 GAA and a .967 save percentage. This guy is on fire. As for the East... I don't want to jinx anything, so I won't even think about it.

Erik Cole is back on the ice! I can not explain to you in words how happy this makes me. I was devastated when he was out for the rest of the season. This guy is my most favorite player, and if I EVER see Brooks Orpik I think I'll have to punch him. Yeah... To think that (maybe) Cole might get back on the ice for a series... that makes me happy just thinking about it. Heck, I don't care if it's for five seconds, that would just completely rock out loud! Even though I want him to play, I want his injury to heal completely, so he can have many more years in the NHL. has a cool article about Mike Commodore. (I love his hair!) This guy is possibly my second favorite guy on the team. No, it's not only because of the hair... although that is a large fraction of it. Not to mention he beats the crap out of people in fights. Maybe I can find a picture of the hair...
*sigh* I can't find a good picture that really illustrates the awsumness of the hair. Oh well...

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