Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oh well, it's not over yet

Canes lost 3-2 yesterday. They trail in the series.
Honestly, I'm not that freaked out. It's a seven game series, and this is just Game 1. If they lose Monday's game... then I'll begin to freak out.
The game was okay. Before the game, I got to sign the Cane-Vic (a Crown Victoria spray-painted red, which will serve as a mobile greeting card to Buffalo), which totally made my day. I scrawled across the front grill "Buffalo = Armpit of USA!!!! Go Canes!!!!" Oh yeah.
Also before the game, me and my dad were tailgating, when this kid (had to be only 5 yrs old) goes to a Buffalo fan tailgating a few spaces away, "Buffalo sucks!". Yes, a five-year old said that, which is one of the most truthful things I heard in a while.
What really stunk was the number of Buffalo fans there. I swear out of the 18,000 fans there, there was at least 4,000 Buffalo fans. That's 22%. Pathetic. I mainly blame this on the absurd ticket prices for this round.
As for the game itself, Period 1 was pretty good, both teams skated well. Period 2 was a totally different story. The Canes generated no offense whatsoever. It is a testament to Cam Ward that Buffalo only scored one goal that period. In Period 3, the Canes stepped it up at the end, but it wasn't enough. If the Canes had gotten to more of the loose pucks around the crease, they would have definitely scored more goals. Definitely. Sadly, the Canes seemed to always be just a step behind, or the puck bounced over their stick, or whatever. The refs were absolutely horrible - then again, we had Michael McGeough again. This guy is steadily climbing up the ranks of crappy refs. Again, I hope he NEVER refs another Canes game - he can go screw up a Detroit game, though, I really don't care about them.

Next game is Monday.

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