Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's Staal Good!

Canes win 2-1 in overtime! Eric Staal scored the winning goal - his first playoff goal ever. Montreal now has only a one goal lead over the Canes in the series.
Canes played a good game. Their offense could've been a bit better, but their defense was pretty good - it had to be, as Montreal was in their zone half the time. The real star of the game, though, is Cam Ward. He got his first playoff start, and totally kicked some behind in goal. Ward made some awesome saves, and really kept the Canes in the game. The only problem with the game that I had was at the end of regulation, the Canes could've won it with a goal on a four-minute power play, but didn't because, like normal, their power-play is inept. (Most of the time: the winning goal was on a power play in overtime.)
Bad news for Montreal, their Captain Saku Koivu is out indefinitely with an eye injury. There was no penalty on the play, and when they showed the replay, it appeared that Koivu was way too low to the ice for a high sticking call to be called. Then again, I'm biased, but if there was a genuine call, I'm not surprised that the ref didn't call anything. It appears that most NHL refs need some contacts. Still, it's never good when any player goes out like that.

In other NHL news, New Jersey looks to sweep the Rangers in their game tomorrow. Pathetic. At least the Canes are guaranteed a Game 5 now.

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