Wednesday, April 26, 2006


While surfing various hockey blogs/googling whatever I felt like typing in I came across a link for a Carolina Hurricanes hockey blog... in Poland. Curious, I clicked on the link to find a blog completely dedicated to the Canes in Polish. Sadly, I can't read Polish, so when I tried to copy & paste the text into one of those groovy polish-english online translators (yes, i have way too much time on my hands) it came up with a pop-up that said "Autor nie zgodil sie na kopiowanie tresci tego Bloga". Well, when I typed this word-by-word into the translator at Ectaco I came up with this:
Autor = Author
nie = no/not/nay
zgodil = [no translation]
sie = [no translation]
na = an/on/to/for/by/of/onto/on top/against/into/upon/at/in
kopiowanie = duplication/tracing
tresci = [no translation]
tego = thereof
So I figure this means "No copying my Blog!" in English. So I have a message in Polish (also translated word-for-word) for the creator of the blog:
Prosic tlumacyzyc twoj bloga w angielski!. (Please copy your blog into English!) had a nice article about Matt Cullen.
Canes play Montreal tonight. A must-win for the Canes. (which is odd because this is the exact same thing the DJ on the radio just said. WORD-FOR-WORD. Weird.) Cam Ward BETTER be in goal.

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