Sunday, April 30, 2006

Series tied 2-2!!!!

Canes win 3-2 on Friday. I would've posted sooner, but my dad doesn't have internet (or cable, for that matter). Canes played good in that game, and they are now guaranteed a Game 6. The one problem is the disallowed goal. The ref by the goal, Don VanMassenhoven, called a goal in the second period, but Tim Peel (a ref who has a history of botched calls against the Canes) comes in and disallows it. Rod Brind'Amour described it best:

"I was standing there and he pointed, 'Goal! Goal! Goal!' and then all of a sudden you hear a guy coming from the bleachers blowing it off,"

Canes won it anyway, but my strong dislike for Tim Peel has grown.

In other NHL news: Devils sweep the Rangers and the Ottawa Senators adavance, winning their series against the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-1.

In other sports news: Mario Williams got the #1 pick in the NFL draft. Reggie Bush got #2, and Matt Leinart dropped to #10.

Canes play Montreal tonight.

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