Friday, July 02, 2010

Well, that was anticlimactic

Well, the opening of free agency has passed, and really, it doesn't seem like the blockbuster year some were making it out to be. Of course, my view is slightly skewed as the Canes did next to nothing, so perhaps that's why it seems so boring.

However, the Canes didn't do nothing, they signed Anton Babchuk to a one year $1.4 million deal. It seems like a little much money-wise to me for a guy who has left the team twice to go to Russia and at times is streaky. But, I suppose it's based on his potential, which hopefully he'll live up to. (I'm not sad that he's bringing his slapshot back to the US, that's for sure).

The other news with the Canes is who has left the fold. Matt Cullen (although he wasn't playing with the team at the end of the season) signed with the Wild for a 3-year $10.5 million deal. Ray Whitney, to no surprise, left as well, Phoenix signing him to a 2-year deal that should pay about $3 million dollars per. Both are slightly overpriced in my opinon, Cullen because he doesn't seem like he would produce the numbers for that sort of money and Whitney because, while he has had some excellent seasons recently, is getting up there in age. (For reference, his 58 point season last season was the lowest for him since '05-'06.)

Around the league the story was a high asking price for goaltenders and defensemen. My favorite laughable contract of the day was Derek Boogaard's 4 year deal with the Rangers that will pay him $1.65 million per. This is a guy whose last goal was in the '05-'06 season. Hey, I guess from that point of view, Anton Babchuk is a steal!

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