Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Corvo comes back to the Canes

So the Canes actually did something in the free agent market today (amazing, I know). They signed Joe Corvo to a 2 year contract worth $2 million this year and $2.5 the next.

I think it's a good signing. Corvo is a good defenseman and has played solidly with the Canes. It's not an exorbitant salary, like we've seen with other defensemen this offseason, but I think it's a fair one. I also feel a lot better about the Canes blueline now - I wasn't enthralled with the prospect of McBain and Harrison in our top six to start the season. Now I think the Canes are a bit more secure defensively, and will be more prepared if injuries happen.

I doubt the Canes will do too much else this offseason as they are close to their self-imposed cap... but you never know. Updates, as always, will be here.

UPDATE 5:27 PM: The Canes also announced that they have agreed to two-way contracts with Nicholas Blanchard and Casey Borer.

And, the Canes site also has a nice take on the Corvo signing - sounds like Corvo took a "hometown discount" to stay with the Canes. But I find the most interesting blurb to be the following:
Rutherford said that the signing of Corvo does not mean that he’ll stop talking to defensemen Brett Carson and Alexandre Picard about a return to the team, but that negotiations with those two will be the extent of his free-agent hunting for the time being due to his preference to let young forwards battle for spots in training camp.
Sounds like that's the end of anything interesting for our Caniac summer.

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